Hello! I'm Claire the founder of Mama Care Kit

I’m a Sydney based Mum of three beautiful, noisy, cheeky girls.

When my twins were born, I felt completely overwhelmed by the juggle of going from one baby to three. The noise, the chaos, the washing! So much washing! Feeding two babies at once, settling two babies at once. I felt like the old me had completely disappeared and I was nothing more than a milking machine who answered to a million ‘Muuuuuum’ requests every day.

I soon learned that the only way to keep my mental health in check was to look after myself, take time for myself and do
things that were for me alone. Of course my babies were my priority but a happy Mum makes a happy baby.

And so Mama Care Kit was born. I want to create a moment of self-care for all Mamas. Whether you’re still in that newborn stage or you have a rowdy toddler. Whether you have a stroppy teenager or even grown-up adult children, I want all Mamas to feel loved, feel seen and feel appreciated. I want you to know it’s ok to take a minute for yourself. To refill your cup and regain the energy you need to give the
best of yourself to your family.

Each box has been designed to help you take that moment for yourself, relax and feel a little bit special. We’ve also teamed
up with Cope, the Post Natal Depression and Anxiety charity to send a share of our profits to help other Mums in need.

I hope you enjoy the experience of gifting and receiving our boxes.

Lots of love,

Claire & the Mama Care Kit team

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